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Vienna has a lot to offer

Many bars of the queer scene have established themselves around the Viennese Naschmarkt. But also in other places you can party properly. There is also a lot going on in the Viennese clubbing scene. One of the best known clubs is certainly the HEAVEN Vienna!, which takes place at different locations. The Vereinsregister@clubauslage has long been one of the benchmarks of the scene. And the best of all that - the BoutiqueHOTEL Donauwalzer is only a few steps away. By the way, to recharge your batteries before or relax after a night out our Private SPA is certainly the best place to to do it.

The best locations


Hard on:

Smart Café:


City Bar:


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Frauen Cafe:

Marea Alta:

EGA - Frauen im Zentrum:

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Heaven Vienna!:

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The Circus:

Imperial Madness:

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