Parking in Vienna - Hotel Donauwalzer

Parking in Vienna

Safe and low-priced parking around the Donauwalzer Hotel

Garage parking space

Within circa 100 meters of the hotel you can park your car in your own underground garage.

Costs: € 20,-- per day (24 hours)

A deposit at the amount of € 50,-- is set  for the key. It is returned at daparture.

Due to the limited number of places the reservation is not possible.

We also provide our guests with reduced tickets for the neighbouring public underground garage on Zimmermannplatz. (within a 4 minutes walk of the hotel). These tickets are available at the reception.

Costs: € 20,-- / 24 hours.

In case you drive into the garage before you check in at the hotel, pay for a ticket at the entry. When leaving the garage, use at first the entry ticket at the barrier and then the reduced one from reception.

Zimmermannplatz, 1090 Wien
GPS coordinates: 48.216858, 16.344075

Car parking places

Nearby (within circa 200 meters of the hotel) we have rent unroofed car parking places for our guests. For this purpose you need a parking card, available at the reception.

€ 15,-- per day (24 hours)

Additionally there are established short-term parking zones around the hotel where you can also park your car. For these you need a diurnal car park ticket and a hotel parking card, which you can get, when available, at the hotel due to the limited number. Having received this ticket, you can park in the established zones (short-term parking zones) around the hotel.

€ 15,-- per calendar day
(A deposit at the amount of € 50,-- is set. It is returned at departure.)

Parking for buses

Getting on and off in front of the hotel is possible at all hours.

A free bus parking place (from 6 p.m. till 7 a.m.) is situated within a 3 minutes distance of the hotel. (first left traffic lane Höhe Währinger Gürtel 25-33)

GPS coordinates: 48.21481, 16.343428

All infos for the bus drivers (parking, service stations etc.) in Vienna can be downloaded at Bus Driver's Guide

General information

You can also purchase tickets for short-term parking zones (€ 2,--/hour). Parking is all-day free on Sundays and from 12 o`clock on Saturdays. On holidays you don`t need a car park ticket as well.

Single-track vehicles can park in the whole city for free.

In case you own an international certificate of disability, you can park your car at any public parking place  in Vienna, provided you put your certificate viewable at the front window.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION!! Please note that the hotel assumes no liability for parking violations and tickets. Please pay regard to the internationally valid traffic signs, for there are different regulations in some places.

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