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Wiener Stadthalle

Shows, trade fairs & concerts

After an event in the Stadthalle, no matter if a concert or a show, what everyone often wants is just to go to bed as soon as possible. Or to go for a short walk and get some fresh air. The BoutiqueHOTEL Donauwalzer is perfectly situated in either case: those, who just want to go to bed just need to take U6 and after 2 stops you are in the hotel. Or you walk 1300 meters along the bikeway. Both is possible.

The Stadthalle repertoire includes sport events, exhibitions, concerts and different shows which attract thousands of people from near and far. To be a guest in the BoutiqueHOTEL Donauwalzer is convenient: car parking near the hotel, concierge service, WiFi in the whole house are just some few conveniences to name. And your pets are welcome too. At the underground station Alserstraße you can lend a city bike if you want to visit Wiener Stadthalle.

Are you looking for a really great gift for your partner?

In that case we have something for you: Enjoy an evening at the event of your choice in the Stadthalle, then walk along the bikeway to us and check in to our room with a private whirlpool. Two cuddly bathrobes, a Nespresso machine and, if you like, a romantic decoration with champagne or wine will wait for you. Don`t you think it is a perfect surprise gift?

If you stay longer than one night in Vienna:
Many guests use events in the Stadthalle as an opportunity to sightseeing in the city. Often the event visitors stay a bit longer to get acquainted with our extraordinary and charming city. BoutiqueHOTEL Donauwalzer is situated in the close vicinity to the Stadthalle and the historic sites of Ringstraße ar near too.

Whether Hofburg, Vienna State Opera or Votivchurch – you are going to find here the majority of places of interest in Vienna. We invite you to discover the city of Vienna after you visited the Stadthalle. The BoutiqueHOTEL Donauwalzer in Vienna will make your stay as pleasant as possible.