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Gay Friendly Vienna

Vienna is the hotspot of the gay and lesbian scene

Vienna stands for tolerance like no other city and in recent years has become the hotspot of the gay and lesbian community in Central Europe. Even in the past Vienna was shaped by homosexuals: whether gay Emperor, the famous composer Franz Schubert, generals like Prince Eugene of Savoy, or the architects of the Vienna State Opera August Sicard of Sicardsburg and Eduard van der Nüll. They were all gay and made an impact on the history of Vienna.

Today the city is a cosmopolitan metropolis, which is not only demonstrated by gay couples on traffic lights and Conchita Wurst as an ambassador for tolerance. There is the famous Life Ball, the annual Vienna Pride Week with the Rainbow Parade, the gay / lesbian Cafe Berg with the bookstore Löwenherz or the Queer Film Festival.

The Kaiserbründl - probably the most beautiful men's sauna in the world, which was already a meeting place for gay men in imperial times, is one of the benchmarks of the scene. Among the most famous guests back then was no one less than Archduke Ludwig Viktor (1842-1919), also called "Luziwuzi", the gay brother of Emperor Franz Joseph, who also had an affection for women's clothes. It is said, that Archduke once received a slap in the face in the Kaiserbründl - at that time it was called Centralbad - because he had apparently offended an officer. The rather conservative Emperor Franz Joseph "banished" the Archduke to Klessheim castle in Salzburg, where he remained until his death.

If you want to immerse yourself a bit more in the gay history of Vienna, the regularly held "historically-gay city walks" " take you to the "gayest places" in Vienna and you can go deeper into the eventful history of the city. Enjoy a few days either alone or as a couple here with us in Vienna, the gay and lesbian hotspot of Austria. From the scene café to the leather club, from the women's café to the men's sauna, Vienna is different and will delight you with its charm! City guides and information brochures with exactly the right addresses are available at the hotel reception. You can also check in advance and download the Gay & Lesbian Guide Vienna here.