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The city of Vienna is rich in coffee houses and nowhere else is coffee drinking cultivated am much as here. There are around 800 coffee houses in Vienna for a reason and nowhere else do you get such a pitiful look from the waiter if you order just a "coffee". No wonder, here in Vienna there are over a dozen popular coffee specialties, from a classic Viennese mélange to Einspänner.

And if the waiter in the cafe is a bit grumpy, that has nothing to do with rudeness, but rather with tradition. A "grumpy" waiter belongs to the coffee house as the icing on a capuchin. What is that again? Just try it during your next coffee house visit!

Among the most famous coffee houses of the scene is the Savoy on the Linke Wienzeile right next to the Naschmarkt, which is often used as a movie set because of its impressive interiors. But also the restaurant scene is diverse. Here are some places that are popular in the queer scene.

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Flatschers Bistro and Bar:

Burgring 1:

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