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Lovesickness & consolation - from 103,- per person

Other mothers also have beautiful sons / daughters. But before we go hunting again, let's just lick our wounds. And that works best in Vienna. With our pampering program, little or bigger "Oops-a-daisy" are soon forgotten and you can concentrate on the really important and beautiful things in life again.

Services included

  • 1 large chocolate bar for the soul
  • 1 packet of handkerchiefs - you never know
  • 1 bottle of delicious Viennese Riesling from Fuhrgassl-Huber in Neustift
  • Voodoo doll to blow off one`s steam (instructions included)
  • The extra cuddly blanket
  • 1x massage voucher - because we definitely deserve it!
  • A book: Profess me love - finally! Men and women to recalculate and understand

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